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Reliance Alloy Steel Trading LLC stands prominently as one of the leading suppliers in the UAE, earning recognition for our outstanding services in the bustling market of Dubai. Renowned as among the best importers and stockists in the region, we specialize in a wide range of metals, including Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, Carbon & Alloy Steel, Plastic, and Nylon. With a robust track record spanning two decades, our commitment to excellence has solidified our position as a trusted name in the Dubai metal industry. Administered and operated by a well-qualified and skilled team, Reliance Alloy Steel Trading LLC brings a professional approach to the business, ensuring that our operations align seamlessly with the high standards of Dubai's competitive market. Our team's expertise, coupled with our extensive experience, positions us as a reliable and efficient partner for those seeking top-notch metal solutions in Dubai.

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Reliance Alloy Steel Trading LLC

Reliance Alloy Steel Trading LLC has been active in the gulf since 1994. Our head office is based in Dubai with branch offices in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

We categorically place ourselves in Aluminium Suppliers, Brass Suppliers, Bronze Suppliers, Copper Suppliers, Stainless Steel Suppliers and Carbon & Alloy Steel Suppliers in UAE.

We're dedicated to customer service and the community as a whole. We are into diverse fields of activity. Even more important is that, we are expanding all the while. We have grown into a major firm in the Gulf today. Our excellent relations with local governments, customers and other business partners is our core strength.

Our specializations is in  metals and we serve various industries :

Oil & Gas Industries

Marine Sector (Offshore & Onshore)

Ship Building & Ship Repairers

Cement & Block Factories

Fastener Manufacturers


Tools & Dies Manufacturers

Engineering Companies

Constructions & Buildings

Interior Designing

Plastic Manufacturers

Tools Room and Machine Shops Requisites

Reliance Alloy Steel Trading LLC
Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-Ferrous Metals

In metallurgy, a non-ferrous metal is a metal, including alloys, that does not contain iron in appreciable amounts. Generally more costly than ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals are used because of desirable properties such as low weight, higher conductivity, non-magnetic property or resistance to corrosion.

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Non-Ferrous Metals
Ferrous Metals
Ferrous Metals

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals have a high carbon content which generally makes them vulnerable to rust when exposed to moisture. There are two exceptions to this rule: wrought iron resists rust due to its purity and stainless steel is protected from rust by the presence of chromium.

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Plastics & Related Products

Plastics & Related Products

In developed economies, about a third of plastic is used in packaging and roughly the same in buildings in applications such as piping, plumbing or vinyl siding. Other uses include automobiles, furniture, and toys. In the developing world, the applications of plastic may differ. Plastics have many uses in the medical field as well.

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Plastics & Related Products

Why Reliance Alloy Steel Trading LLC?


Just-in-time delivery providing substantial savings in the cost of storing, handing and maintaining inventories.

Processing Capabilities

Our range of high precision cutting equipment yields precise, zero-defect cuts regardless of the alloy, shape or size you require.

Price & Quality

Delivers the goods and the service. Whether we source products domestically or internationally, when Reliance delivers your order, you get superior pricing, quality and service.